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DN42 Information

0x01 - Introduction to DN42

“Decentralized network 42 (a.k.a. dn42) is a decentralized peer-to-peer network built using VPNs and software/hardware BGP routers”, according to Wikipedia. In my point of view, it is a place that we can practice a variety of networking technologies with others in level 3 or even level 2, while not paying a lot for AS numbers and globally unique IP addresses. To learn more about DN42, you may want to read the official wiki.

0x02 - NICHOLASCW Network (AS4242421288)

NICHOLASCW Network is the multihomed DN42 network I am currently operating. I have an open peering policy and the available PoPs currently includes Seattle, Chicago, Tokoyo, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong. WireGuard over clearnet IPv4 is required for tunneling, and by default I enable IPv6 LL, MPBGP for BGP sessions.

For peering, please contact me with:

and configure your endpoint as follows.

0x03 - Services running on NICHOLASCW Network

DNS zones: nico.dn42, nicholascw.dn42, bbs.dn42

rDNS zones:, fd42:1919:810::/48

bbs.dn42 based on Flarum

Modded Minecraft 1.16 server: mc.nico.dn42

0x04 - Peering Information

WireGuard Port: Last 5 Digits of Your ASN

IPv6 Link-Local Address: fe80::1288/64

Seattle, US

Clearnet Host: sea1.sc00.org

Clearnet IPv4:

DN42 Host: sea1.nico.dn42

DN42 IPv4:

DN42 IPv6: fd42:1919:810:53::1

WireGuard Pubkey: AMmUVNOn6ZtL0+vn1tfO4c7M1Fby19lSVZpJJhML6VI=

Chicago, US

Clearnet Host: chi2.sc00.org

Clearnet IPv4:

DN42 Host: chi2.nico.dn42

DN42 IPv4:

DN42 IPv6: fd42:1919:810::1

WireGuard Pubkey: 750WkOmYTh+gfrod2LRgKU46nkEJrWK2z6emynV+j3U=

Tokoyo, JP

Clearnet Host: jpn1.sc00.org

Clearnet IPv4:

DN42 Host: jpn1.nico.dn42

DN42 IPv4:

DN42 IPv6: fd42:1919:810::2

WireGuard Pubkey: gOcvbENQnONJ0SDgTPGVzukSHGALi1N7gRWuWuhk7hU=

Los Angeles, US

Clearnet Host: lax2.sc00.org

Clearnet IPv4:

DN42 Host: lax2.nico.dn42

DN42 IPv4:

DN42 IPv6: fd42:1919:810::3

WireGuard Pubkey: PGTK1pzAYtSGoaPYfpEBCwm3S3gYAra3WkSMtshFfW8=

Hong Kong SAR, China

Clearnet Host: hkg1.sc00.org

Clearnet IPv4:

DN42 Host: hkg1.nico.dn42

DN42 IPv4:

DN42 IPv6: fd42:1919:810::132

WireGuard Pubkey: LiWQesEtQo68atVXqbygIe0ByOK596xZpOZj8sB4qww=